Help maximise productivity in your office with handy products and apps

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30th November 2016

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An office that lacks organisation can lead to an unproductive workforce. By using technology to your advantage, you can make a real difference in keeping your office both efficient and productive. All it takes is the introduction of some simple organisational planning tools and must-have tech.

How to maximise productivity in your office with handy products and apps

Gadgets to get about with

Investing in a few useful tech devices can be a great way to increase your productivity. They can help reduce clutter, maximise space, and also contribute to a greener office environment.

  • Laptops and tablets– Whether you’re in a meeting or hot desking, using a laptop can be a useful way to complete work without having to print out multiple documents. You’ll also be able to take notes in meetings and save them directly to your server, reducing the need for note paper.
  • Scanner– Instead of cluttering up desk space with piles of paper to refer back to, use a scanner to copy sheets over to your computer, then save them directly. Good scanners work in full colour as well as greyscale, and are even available as part of an all-in-one package with a printer. Most mobile phones also have apps that can transform your camera into a scanner.
  • Shredder– Another useful tool for keeping paperwork at bay is a shredder. It’s easy to accumulate documents that are no longer relevant, which add up to big piles of paper on your desk. A shredder is a great tool to get rid of the clutter and dispose of confidential documents.

Apps to aid productivity

Using a smartphone at work is a great way to stay on top of everything from meetings to to-do lists. There’s an array of business-minded apps and programs available, which can help employees stay on top of their own workloads, here are a few of the best on the market.

  • FocusList – This daily planner does what it say on the tin – and more. From the moment you get to work, you can plan your day to effectively maximise your productivity. With a handy time tracker built in, you can put estimates on how long you think a task will take. FocusList will then track this to show you how effective your day has been.
  • DropTask – If you’re working on a project that involves a number of other people, DropTask can be the ideal tool to keep everyone on track. Using a Kanban-style board, it will effectively show who is doing what at the different stages of your project. There’s even a useful function for sending messages and reminders to ensure everyone know what they need to do.
  • OmniFocus– This handy app can help keep your work and private life separate by enabling you to categorise the tasks you input. Compatible with most Apple devices, this app gives you the option to see your work in a number of perspectives, such as home, office and personal, so you can keep on top of things easily. You can use the app to update schedules, track goals and organise priorities.

Getting the office in order

Using the latest tech can be great for improving productivity, but improving your own organisation is also important. Spending some time streamlining everything and putting things in their place can be a great way to help increase efficiency in the long run.

  • Letter trays – If your desk is covered in paperwork or you deal with important documents such as invoices, a letter tray can be an effective way to create a simple ‘to do’ / ‘done’ system.
  • Filing cabinets– Keep everything in order and easily accessible by filing it away – colour-coding is a great way to keep certain projects or tasks together.
  • Label Maker– If you have to track down documents or folders on a regular basis, a label maker can be indispensable. You can label everything from the shelves to the files themselves.
  • Desk organisers– Before heading to the shredder or filing cabinet, using a neat in-between like a desk organiser – you can create separate sections for what you need, and what needs shredding.
  • Magazine Files– Magazine files look great on a shelf and are an effective way of archiving important documents or keeping old journals and notebooks together.

There are plenty of ways you can get your office in order and help improve productivity. By investing in some quality tech, apps, useful storage and filing systems, you can remove the clutter and improve your focus.

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