The importance of strong ergonomics in the workplace

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11th November 2019

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organised deskYour staff spend a big part of their life in the office, so it’s important to make sure that when they come to work, they’re as happy and comfortable as possible. After all, when people are in a workspace that meets their needs, they’re likely to be more productive. On the other hand, if people are uncomfortable at work, not only will it impact on their output, but it can also lead to unnecessary stress on the body, resulting in aches and pains – not to mention fatigue and frustration.

To ensure your office works for the people using it most, an ergonomic approach is needed. Discover how to implement this in your workplace with our top tips.

What is office ergonomics?

Ergonomics in the workplace is the concept of designing an office in such a way that removes risk factors that could lead to musculoskeletal injuries, as well as improving the overall wellbeing of employees.

The process of improving office ergonomics can be done in a variety of ways – from ensuring everyone has a chair that meets their own needs to equipping every desk with a mouse pad that has wrist support. The concept stretches far beyond the desk too. Offices with a strong ergonomic focus will also feature comfortable break out areas that give people an effective way to get away from their desk.

Benefits of ergonomics

The benefits of focusing on ergonomics in the workplace are plentiful, all of which are designed to improve the health and wellbeing of workers. By designing a workspace to fit individuals, fewer people will experience pain and discomfort when they’re at work, which leads to improved productivity and a lower number of sick days, as well as other benefits such as a lower turnover of staff.

How to improve office ergonomics

There are many ways to improve office ergonomics and start feeling the benefits of a happier and more productive workplace. These can include:

Desk set up

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An ergonomic desk assessment will help to determine the height a chair and desk should be for an individual, as well as looking at additional needs such as desk aids. You might also want to invest in specialist mouse pads for wrist support and arm supports for elevated comfort.

Better chairs

Many office workers will understand the importance of a quality desk chair. For hours every day, employees sit at their desk, working at a computer, so posture is important. A great quality chair contributes to correct posture, reducing the chances of chronic back pain and leg aches which can come with being seated for extended periods of time. Investing in the right desk chairs will improve office ergonomics and reduce aches and pains among your employees.

Encourage desk yoga

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Desk yoga is a great way to stave of the threat of pain at work and can be done without having to stop working. It involves a number of simple stretches and exercises that help to get muscles moving, as well as relieving stress and tension. Encourage your office workers to engage in desk yoga daily to decrease their chances of injury and get those positive vibes pumping.

Encourage breaks and provide areas to take a rest

Encouraging your office workers to take regular breaks away from their desks is important. Sitting in one place for too long can lead to pains, as well as increasing the chance of burnout. Try to encourage staff to step away from their desks periodically, whether it’s to make a drink or just stretch their legs, as well as ensuring that everyone takes time away from their screen to enjoy lunch without thinking about work.

Investing in ergonomics for your office will help to ensure your workforce is happier, healthier and more efficient. Discover ways to enhance the productivity of your workplace with Staples.

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