#TheBigCatchUp How to transition back into work

1st April 2021

The biggest social event this year #TheBigCatchUp #StaplesUK…

Are you ready for the #TheBigCatchUp? Since the global pandemic of COVID-19 the world has adjusted to working from home but now fingers crossed #TheBigCatchUp is on its way and we are slowly easing out of lockdown to prepare for the return to the office.

We understand this will bring mixed emotions for most but whether you are jumping for joy to get out the house or maybe feeling a little anxious to return to the office, we want to share our top 3 tips in preparing you for #TheBigCatchUp.

Ease in Gently

First things first, you need to learn to walk before you sprint (even if you are not allowed to run around in your office 😉). Going back into the office can be overwhelming so try not to put too much pressure on yourself, ease in gently, as all good things take time. The best way to ease yourself into the office is preparation beforehand. If you prepare yourself mentally and physically before, when the day comes to go back into the office it should allow you to be calm and collective to the situation. Ways you could prepare for this include… starting to get into a sleeping routine, always get dressed and ready first thing in a morning and match your daily routine at your home office to exactly how it would be at work.

Look after your mental wellbeing

Before you can take care of your work, you need to be able to take care of your mental wellbeing. This is so important as mental wellbeing can affect anyone and everyone no matter where you work. It is always essential to make sure you talk to your employer, colleagues, and friends about mental wellbeing, especially if you have any questions or concerns. Remember… a problem shared is always a problem halved and there is always accessible support within businesses for mental wellbeing, so do not be shy in speaking out and make sure you get any support you need.

Make time to reconnect

Take the time to reconnect with colleagues at work (but just remember to reconnect in a COVID safe manner, following the rules and regulations of the business you work for). It may feel like forever that you have spoken to someone in person but is important to establish those social connections once again in the office to bring a sense of ‘normality’ back to your work life. Here are just some of our social reconnecting suggestions you could participate in when back in the office:

– Arrange a lunchtime walk with a colleague.
– Have lunch outside with a colleague.
– Have a chat with a colleague over a cup of coffee or tea.
– Arrange a social zoom call outside of work for an evening e.g., quizzes/games.
– Plan activities for when COVID is completely over, this can give you and your colleagues something to look forward to in the future together.

(please note these are suggestions and all COVID guidelines will need to be adhered to).

And do not forget if you have got any of your own tips you would like to share with us please tag us on social media and hashtag #TheBigCatchUp, #StaplesUK and we will share our favourite ones! 😊

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