Tips and tricks for everyday tasks

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30th November 2016

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Tips and tricks for everyday tasks

2 minutes

When everyday tasks start piling up, it can be handy to know some tips and trick to save you time and help you stay focused. From organising your cables to create space, to tips on staying hydrated, we’ve collated seven easy things you can do to help save time.

Our top 7 tips to help you stay on top of everyday tasks

  1. Use bulldog clips to keep your cables handy

Keeping your desk free from tangled cables can often feel like a challenge – especially with laptop chargers, screen wires and anything else which causes a pile up. By simply attaching a few bulldog clips to the edge of the desk, you can instantly make handy cable tidies.

  1. Use colourful tape to identify your cables easily

Cables can also become muddled up, meaning you can waste time trying to find and untangle your charger. To save yourself a few minutes, try labelling each one with coloured tape. You can either rely on colour coding to identify them, or write on the tabs to remind you what they are.

  1. Stay hydrated with a simple elastic band trick

Water is essential for staying hydrated but it can be easy to lose track of how much you’ve drunk. A simple way to remind you is to work out how many glasses you need to have, and put that number of coloured elastic bands on your wrist. Then each time you have a glass remove a band until there are none left.

  1. Turn pages easily with a rubber band

When you’ve got to flick through a lot of pages quickly, or even count the notes in the petty cash box, wrapping an elastic band round the tip of your index finger will make it much easier to do.

  1. Make your own gift wrap

Got a present for a co-worker but forgotten the wrapping paper? A great solution is to design your own on a PC or laptop and then print it off – meaning you won’t need to run out and get some from the local shop.

  1. Secure suitcases with a simple zip-tie

Whether you’re travelling to another city for a meeting or flying to another country for a business trip, a zip tie can provide you with a quick solution for securing your case. Just remember to take a spare or two with you for the return journey.

  1. Hang Christmas ornaments using a paperclip

Many offices like to put up decorations around the holidays. But instead of wasting time trying to thread and tie the cotton on Christmas tree decorations, just use a paperclip instead. Maybe choose festive red and green ones or even gold.

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