Top Office Hacks for a more efficient workplace

office hacks

30th November 2016

3 Minutes

A recent report from Forbes online magazine identified[1] the biggest killers of office productivity, including noisy colleagues, crowded workspaces and even sitting near their manager.

When your workload is pressing and time is at a premium in order to fulfil today’s to-do list, the last thing you need is a variety of distractions stopping you getting things done – whether that’s from a chatty co-worker or just another strength-sapping team meeting.

Here’s a few suggestions on things you can implement to help make your office more efficient

Standing meetings

When everyone gets a bit too comfortable at the start of what’s supposed to be a quick meeting, it should trigger warning signs that you’re running the risk of wasting time. To ensure that you can get down to business, try holding shorter meetings with everyone on their feet – not only will this keep attendees’ blood pumping but you can be sure of achieving the desired outcome in a shorter time without anyone zoning out and sinking into the furniture.

Clutter-free workspace

Everyone needs to tidy their workspace now and again, but this could be one of the ways you’re losing time on a regular basis, whether it’s avoidance or simply disorganisation. Investing in a desktop organiser can help you file away any unnecessary workflow blockages, while sticky notes can be a great reminder to yourself for those little jobs that seem to pile up whether you’re on top of things or not..

Take regular breaks

Your stress levels won’t thank you if you’re spending hours on end glued to your phone or computer screen without so much as a ‘blink break’. Briefly stepping away from your work station will allow you to get refreshed and refocus on the next major task at hand. The Pomodoro Technique is a proven productivity aid – 25 minutes of work followed by a five-minute break – and could help you reduce the number of items on that To Do list down.

Turn off email notifications

If your mind is beginning to wander at work, the last thing you need is an excuse to indulge it – and even reading the most innocuous email can be enough to lose your train of thought. Removing the pop-up option from your screen can help you through the course of the day. But make sure to check in on your inbox whenever you’re between tasks!

Use productivity tools

There are many apps and programs available online to help you achieve your desired productivity level. Use Feedly or Evernote to save those articles for later – whether it’s for business or pleasure, they can be divided up into categories accordingly – and a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane so that you don’t lose time trying to remember how to access that old email account. You can even ask Google on your PC or mobile to set a timer for you if you’re trying to keep track of your schedule.

By using these handy tips, you could soon be make up for a lot of previously lost time at work, leaving you free to enjoy your evenings without the stress of what’s awaiting you the next morning.



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