Ways to Boost Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

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18th May 2020

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Wellbeing at work is an important aspect of the modern workplace. Promoting collaboration, openness and a healthy working lifestyle can help your employees feel supported and comfortable. Happier employees are more likely to remain with your business and contribute to a more efficient and productive working environment.

Find our wellbeing in the workplace ideas below to see how you can address wellness in your office without breaking the bank.

Workplace Teams

Creating different groups that are passionate about one common objective is an effective way of making your employees feel like they belong. It allows them to nourish their interests in the company of other colleagues, and if you facilitate this during working hours, it provides a much-needed breakaway from their regular, day-to-day activity.

Although it may seem like time away from their desk is counter-productive for the business, the teams you create can ultimately support the business’s wider goals.

For example, setting up a green team focused on improving the environmental impact of the business is a great way to engage your employees – and advance sustainability within the organisation.business meeting

The M word

Addressing mental health in the workplace can be vital to improving wellbeing at work. Many organisations now offer support to employees suffering with their mental health through paid leave, flexible working or assistance in other areas, all while opening communication lines with HR staff whilst they recover.

But tackling the issue with preventative strategies could be more successful in maintaining a healthy work environment for your employees. Hosting talks and lectures by well-known experts in the field can increase awareness, break down barriers and perceptions and encourages colleagues to help one another when appropriate.Managing Stress

Money motivation

You may already have financial incentives in place for your employees, as many businesses do. It’s a traditional tactic to both attract the best talent and retain them. There are more ways to attract the best talent to your business, however.

Offering discounts or freebies at local businesses is a sure-fire way to encourage an enjoyable work culture. Colleagues are more likely to socialise outside of work together if there is a discount at a local bar or restaurant, and friendships in the workplace will ultimately benefit its wellbeing infrastructure.

Walking meetings

Taking a walk and getting outside can be a great way to foster creativity. Walking meetings not only stretch the legs but can lead to great ideas and new methods of working.

Implementing this meeting method in your workplace allows your employees the opportunity to, every so often, remove themselves from the restrictions of a desk and allow creativity to be nurtured in a much more practical way.walking meeting

Breakfast club

Larger corporates are known to provide a breakfast bar for their workforce, but a team breakfast even once a week could prove useful in keeping your employees healthy – and healthy employees, of course, are more productive.

These ideas are great to start improving wellness in your workplace, but in order for them to be effective, they must be led and championed by management. Making the wellness of your employees a priority will create a work culture that will provide you with a happy, content workforce.

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