Top tips for wrapping your Christmas presents

wrapping christmas presents

1st December 2015

2 Minutes

We’ve all been there: rushing around on Christmas Eve trying to get everything sorted before the shops shut and the celebrations begin. But getting home and finding that all your presents still need to be wrapped can be daunting – although it needn’t be a chore. You can wrap all your presents quickly and efficiently by following a few simple tips and the impressed recipients will be left thinking they have been professionally wrapped.

The paper

Always make sure to measure your wrapping paper first[1]. There is nothing worse when you’re rushing than finding you’ve cut the piece too small and need to re-do it – not to mention the waste you could be left with. If you find it hard to cut the paper in a straight line, after you’ve worked out how much you need, fold along the paper to make a crease and use this as a guide.

The perfect edge

To create the perfect edge around the gift, run your thumb and finger along the edge when wrapping. That way you can create a tidy finish when it comes to sticking your paper down. Make sure to pull the paper tightly so you get a smooth finish and cut off any excess as it can leave you with lumpy sides[2].

The right amount of sticky tape

When you’re wrapping a gift, it can be easy to get carried away with sealing your presents shut, but the general rule of thumb is to use only what you need. You don’t want the recipient to struggle when it comes to unwrapping their present so make sure not to go overboard. Using invisible tape often looks best, but you could also try double-sided sticky tape so it cannot be seen at all.

The finishing touches

A present always looks more professional when it has a something a little extra on it, so be sure to add some bows or ribbon to complete the look – but don’t go overboard. If you want to simply add some ribbon, try curling the end with some scissors. Use the dull underside of the ribbon when doing this and pull the ribbon along the scissors tightly to create the curl[3]. Be sure to take extra care when doing this as you do not want any injuries.

Gift tags

Gift tags can also add the element of professionalism to your present. If you still have some Christmas cards left over, you could try cutting these into different shapes and turning them into gift tags. Alternatively, you could decorate some cut-outs from paper, while printing photos can also give your gift tags a personal touch.

Wrapping presents on Christmas Eve doesn’t need to be chore and you can have a lot of fun making them look extra special this year.



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