How to safely send packages across the UK and abroad

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30th November 2016

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If your business or workplace regularly send parcels, you’ll know how frustrating it can be for both you and your customers when a products arrive battered or broken.

It’s even more of a concern when you’re posting worldwide. Packages making multiple stops, travelling by land, sky, sea or rail, and being processed in a string of locations can take more damage than those delivered within the UK.

How can you ensure your delivery arrives the way you intended it to – intact and in the intended condition?

Follow our packaging guidelines to get your precious parcel sent safely.

Boxes and envelopes

Depending on what it is you’re posting, you can select boxes and envelopes from a wide range of different sizes to suit your needs.

Picking a box with a sturdy double wall provides extra resistance when shipping items domestically and to another country.

It’s best to pick packaging that’s just a bit larger than the item you’re sending. Oversized boxes or envelopes are not only wasteful and can cost more to send, but are more likely to get dents or tear. While overstuffing a smaller box or envelope can cause it to rip and puts the contents at risk.

Filling the void

When you send something in a box or envelope, it needs some space to absorb the rough and tumble of being transported and delivered. Adding some filler between your product and the container holding it is essential.

There are a number of parcel packaging materials you can use to protect your product on its journey through the global shipping maze. Some are more secure than others, so which one you pick will depend on the value, fragility or shape of the item you’re posting.

  • Bubble wrap is excellent at absorbing shock, however it isn’t form-fitting so products may move around during transport. You can prevent this from happening by taping the bubble wrap around the item.
  • Packing chips are light, versatile and provide cushion protection. But this product can be messy and difficult to store, reuse and throw out.
  • Packing paper is a good alternative to packing chips, as it offers ample padding for lighter items (saving you money on shipping) and can be reused easily.

Special deliveries

There will be occasions when we have to post items that need extra protection. Here are a few extra considerations for delicate products, legal documentation or heavier items:

What is the best way to pack fragile items?

  1. Individually wrap each item in bubble wrap
  2. Add extra protection by filling the void with either bubble wrap, packing chips or paper
  3. If you’re sending a few small items, completely wrap them
  4. Use stretch wrap to keep them all together, so there’s no risk of an item getting lost
  5. Stick a fragile label on the outside

How to send important documents by mail

When posting important legal documents, you don’t want to risk them getting damaged.

  1. A rigid-edged padded envelope, flat cardboard envelope or cardboard tube will ensure they don’t get crumpled
  2. Choosing international tracked and signed delivery with Royal Mail can add an extra layer of reassurance when sending anything involving money or of high importance
  3. Use a label machine to make sure the address is clear.
  4. Other services such as DPD provide individual package tracking and proof of delivery

How to ship heavy items

Weighty deliveries can get easily damaged in transit. Keeping them securely packaged is essential as it will lessen the chance of the handler sustaining an injury or the item getting damaged.

  1. Fill the space to the top so movement is restricted
  2. Use tape to cover up sheets and prevent scuffs
  3. Use foam lined boxes which are even safer for larger, bulkier packages, offering the perfect coat of armour for fragile goods such as electronics and glassware
  4. Invest in heavy-duty packing tape and boxes should help to ensure items arrive safe and sound

By following these simple packaging tips, you can be confident that your parcels will arrive exactly as your customer or business partner expects them.Internation shipping checklist

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