How to make your office more eco-friendly

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7th January 2020

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We’re all trying to be greener and looking at what we can do to help the environment. For businesses, this starts in the workplace, by reducing waste, from turning off electrical equipment and using energy-saving bulbs to learning how to recycle office ink and toner cartridges.

These small initiatives can help reduce your eco footprint and save on wastage costs – which estimates suggest could be up to 4% of total turnover in businesses.

Wondering how you can get started and make your office more eco-friendly? Find out below.

How to go green in your office

Change your printing paper

Paper is one of the biggest wastages in businesses. Switching from your usual stock to recycled paper can ensure you’re using paper that has been sourced from responsibly-maintained forests – and is Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Recycle ink and toner cartridges

Recycling ink and toner cartridges responsibly can help reduce the amount of unnecessary office waste that heads to landfill. Set up an ink cartridge specific recycling bin and arrange for it to be collected regularly.

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Turn it off

Switching off lights and electrical appliances in your office when not in use could money on energy bills over the year, as well as making your office more planet-friendly. . Encourage your employees to do their bit by sending reminder emails about turning off everything before they leave – especially lights and monitor screens.

Pack smart

If you’re frequently sending out parcels, try cutting down on your packaging. Big boxes that contain tiny items can cause needless waste. Try packing multiple items in a single box if they’re heading to the same place.

Recycle office furniture

Whether you’re having an office refurb or replacing broken items, make sure you recycle old office furniture responsibly. Use an official service who’ll be able to ensure they’re disposed of correctly.

Green cleaning

The cleaning products your janitors use also impact the environment. Switch to green cleaning supplies that use only natural, non-toxic ingredients that don’t damage the environment.

Introduce a recycling plan

Before you start making changes, create a green plan of action. For instance, think about where you’ll place recycling bins around the office. As part of your plan, why not run a workshop with employees which tells them what can and can’t be recycled?

Add office plants

Adding office plants and flowers to your office space not only contributes to improved air quality, but also showcases that you’re looking to make your workplace a little greener in the process.

Creating an environmentally friendly business doesn’t need to be difficult. With a few simple changes and a plan on how to implement them, your office can be transformed.

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