How to Properly Sanitise Your Workspace?

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12th August 2020

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Sanitary requirements related to the prevention of coronavirus infections are not only about rigorous hygiene, wearing masks or washing hands. Sanitising workplaces and necessary office equipment that other employees use after us is also a must. What should you know about this?

Workplace Disinfection Applies to Everyone

If you work in an office, it is particularly important to disinfect your workplace, which should be carried out regularly, preferably after each day of work or more often – if necessary. Correctly done workplace disinfection is fast and should not take you too much time. It also doesn’t require the use of complicated means. To carry it out, all you need is an antibacterial liquid intended for surface disinfection (special liquids are available in shops and online stores) or isopropyl alcohol (undiluted with water).

For wiping, one can use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth as well as an ordinary handkerchief or paper towel. The employer should take care of these basic hygiene measures. However – even though most offices are generally disinfected by cleaning companies and services – the daily workplace disinfection applies to each employee. Even if it is not imposed as our duty, it is worth treating it as a positive habit and conducting it regularly – also for your own safety.

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Disinfecting Workplaces – COVID19

Workplace disinfection should include desk space and office equipment, especially the computer keyboard (or any other equipment that you touch while working). There are a few important rules to keep in mind.

First of all, when sanitising workplaces do not use soapy water  – it may flood or damage electronic equipment and even cause a short circuit. Use only disinfectants specially designed for this purpose. In addition, never apply them directly to equipment (do not spray or pour water on the keyboard or monitor screen) – wipe them with a cloth moistened before.

Also, do not disinfect switched on equipment! Before sanitising workplaces, switch off any devices and disconnect them from the power supply.

Poorly available space (e.g. between keyboard keys) can be cleaned with cosmetic sticks soaked in alcohol or disinfectant. After that, the disinfected keyboard should be left until the alcohol evaporates. Only after that can the equipment be restarted and used (e.g. by another person).

Disinfecting Workplaces – What Else Should You Remember?

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and also disinfect them before disinfecting the workplace. If possible, wear a mask and cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze – this will reduce the spread of any germs. Also, avoid eating and drinking near your computer, keyboard, and office equipment. Wash and disinfect your hands after each use of the toilet or visit in office social rooms (e.g. shared kitchen, etc.).

Tip: in the same way – using a cloth soaked with disinfectant liquid or alcohol – you can disinfect the surface of your smartphone! Many of us often forget about the phone, and yet it is an item that we touch frequently during the day.

For your own safety and the safety of others, remember to disinfect the workplace regularly – e.g. every day after finishing work. Workplace sanitizing should also be performed whenever necessary, i.e. when other people are to use the workplace office equipment. If the office has equipment for general use – e.g. a printer – you should also remember to wipe it with a disinfectant after each use.

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