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Hand soap and thorough washing protect you from many diseases. Proper hygiene prevents gastrointestinal infections, respiratory diseases and skin conditions. Liquid soap refill is the most hygienic choice for the workplace. At home, you can opt for bar soap. Hand soap refill for a touchless dispenser is perfect for public places, e.g. shopping centres.

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Hygiene is the key: hand soap and disinfectant


Would you like to buy soap and hand sanitiser UK? Discover a wide selection of these products in our online shop. The comprehensive product range available at Staples makes it possible to buy many cosmetics and hygiene products. They include specialised products, such as antibacterial hand wash refill, and standard products, like fragrant soaps which make taking a bath or shower more enjoyable.

Hand wash refill: when should you stock up on it?

On our website, you will find antibacterial hand wash refill and many hand sanitisers. These products are the key to taking care of hygiene effectively. Take your needs into account and stock up on them, especially if you are responsible for cleanliness in public places or at work. In these locations, the consumption of cleaning products is much higher than at home. A cost-efficient solution are concentrated products which need to be mixed with water. You can also opt for larger containers (e.g. 5-litre containers).


Hand sanitiser UK

When you have chosen a hand washing product, it is time to think about taking hygiene control to the next level. If you chose hand wash refill, make sure to buy a dispenser which minimizes the risk of catching viruses and bacteria. Do not forget about a dispenser for paper towels. If you do not want to use paper, consider a modern alternative: a hand dryer which will make your hands dry in a few seconds thanks to a strong flow of air.

Options for sensitive skin

Antibacterial agents, especially when used several times a day, may irritate delicate hand skin, which can cause inflammation. For atopic, allergic and hypersensitive skin, the best choice is hypoallergenic hand soap refill, which is odourless and has no added artificial colouring agents.

Such cosmetics should not contain irritants SLS and SLeS. Thanks to these substances, soap gets frothy, but they may also make the skin itch and lose its hydrolipid protective layer faster. Soaps for people with skin allergies should have a short and minimal list of ingredients and have appropriate certificates.

Enjoy various possibilities

Thanks to hand soaps and disinfectants, you will easily be able to control germs and hygiene. Staples offers a wide selection of soaps. You can choose from cosmetics with a strong aroma or professional antibacterial agents. The latter are particularly suitable for work which requires adherence to strict OHS principles. Proper hand washing is also worth mentioning. It should take at least 20 seconds, and you should use very hot water. Do not forget about cleaning between your fingers and your thumbs, which are often overlooked.


What about aromatic soaps, such as those with a soothing aroma of lavender, moisturising cleansing products for sensitive skin or strong antiseptic preparations? Regardless of what you decide to buy, add to the cart a nourishing hand and nail cream which will moisturise your skin, soothe irritation and retain water in the epidermis.

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