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the ökoform heated desk


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The desk uses a radiant heating element which works by heating you directly rather than the surrounding air. Fan heaters and radiators heat the air which means a lot of heat is lost as the air rises away from where it’s needed.
With home energy prices rising rapidly, any saving you make adds up. You can save 8% on your energy bill for every degree you turn down your heating (Carbon Trust) and with a heated desk, you may not need to turn on your heating at all!
Compared with alternative home heating solutions, the Ökoform desk uses electricity much more efficiently. At just 260 watts, our desks are 90% cheaper to run than the average 2500–3000-watt desk fan heater.
When you're cold you spend energy keeping warm rather than focusing on work. Being warm makes you more productive.
Warm environments don’t just boost productivity, they make us happier. Happier people are 13% more productive.
Radiant heat promotes better circulation, which helps tired muscles and joints relax and can alleviate pain or soreness.
Save on your energy bill
Warming not wasteful
Boosts productivity
A Happy Environment
The body benefits
The numbers
At ökoform, their goal is to provide comfortable, well-heated working environments across the country for a fraction of the average heating costs of standard gas and electric heating options. For every fan heater removed from your office, you could be saving around £46.50 per week (based on October 2022 energy pricing £0.52kWh, 8 hour working day, five days a week). The average desk fan heater uses 2500 – 3000 watts. At just 260 watts, our desks are 90% cheaper to run.