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Our handheld and headlamp torches are ideal for inside the home or for use in dark workplaces. Choose from a range of brands, sizes and brightness’s so you can get the ideal torch to suit your needs.

Health and Safety Supplies Categories

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Health and Safety Supplies Categories

Energizer Impact Torch

27m Beam Torch with a Soft Rubber Grip for Easy Handling - 632630

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 639-5136

£9.34 inc. VAT

£7.78 ex. VAT

Helix Silver Personal Attack Alarm

Helix Personal Attack Alarm in Silver with Torch - PS2070

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 1800430

£9.32 inc. VAT

£7.77 ex. VAT

Energizer Impact Heavy Duty Torch

Energizer Impact Heavy Duty Torch, with Shatterproof Lens and Soft Rubber Textured Grip - ER32629

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 641-6525

£14.40 inc. VAT

£12.00 ex. VAT

Varta Indestructible Black 3-Watt LED Torch

Varta Indestructible 3-Watt LED Torch in Black - 18714101421

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 7902022

£28.49 inc. VAT

£23.74 ex. VAT

Energizer Silver Fl Metal Led 2AA Torch

Energizer Fl Metal LED 2AA Torch in Silver - 634041

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 955-6946

£14.40 inc. VAT

£12.00 ex. VAT

Energizer Silver AAA Metal Torch

Energizer AAA Metal Torch in Silver with 50 Lumens Brightness - 633657

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 955-6966

£9.23 inc. VAT

£7.69 ex. VAT

Varta Night Cutter F30R Torch

Varta Night Cutter F30R Torch, with 4 Lighting Modes - 18901101111

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 1109425

£41.77 inc. VAT

£34.81 ex. VAT

Helix Silver Mini Alarm

Helix Silver Mini Personal Alarm - PS1070

Awaiting Stock  Awaiting Stock
Product code: 1800431

£7.07 inc. VAT

£5.89 ex. VAT

SureGuard Electronic Personal Attack Alarm

Sure Guard Electronic Personal Attack Alarm - PASC

In Stock  In Stock
Product code: 136-3197

£9.68 inc. VAT

£8.07 ex. VAT

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