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File Storage and Archiving

File Storage and Archiving - We have a wide range of Filing solutions and Archive products available. Stationery files and folders including A4 Lever Arch Files, Foolscap Folders, Ring Binders in ) RInd and D ring formats, with Archive Files and Folders.

File Storage and Archiving

Organise your office with File Storage & Archiving solutions Filing away important documents and archiving them safely is essential for every home office and business environment. Clear piles of documents from your desks and tables and put them into appropriate storage and archiving boxes, which you can organise to easily find your paperwork again. Choose from our wide selection of file storage boxes and archiving solutions to help you stay on top of documents while benefiting from different box sizes that are easy to stack and store. Read more Find your files and paperwork when you need them Boxes for filing and archiving can be marked for easy identification, making it simple to find files when you need them. You might want your file storage with labels on both sides to find your documents if space is tight. Many file and archiving boxes are flat-packed and as such quick and easy to assemble, giving you instant storage and archiving for all your important files. Make light work of transporting files and archive boxes Explore our range of file storage to transport such as plastic filling containers with handles on either side of the box or integrated flip-up handles on lids. These are ideal for moving files from place to place such as to a client's premises. With a range of different storage sizes, you can neatly store anything from letter-sized documents to larger files, for example, as part of suspension filing. Additionally, we offer boxes on wheels so heavy files can be moved safely. Staples has many solutions to take the hard work out of filing and archiving so that you'll be glad you took on this worthwhile office task.

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