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Marker Pens

Marker Pens for Making Bold Strokes

Marker pens are designed to create a bold, colourful mark on objects and paper. Our collection contains both permanent and non-permanent varieties. Non-permanent kinds are made from water-soluble ink that's designed to wash out, while permanent varieties are generally indelible. Permanent marker pens are made from an alcohol solvent, which is safeenvironmentally friendly, and quick to dry. Also, there's no strong odour from the pens when you use them. Capable of marking a wide variety of surfaces, marker pens typically have bullet or chisel tips, as well as fine-line tips for more detailed work. Use these pens to write on everything, from paper to metal and even on glass. This makes them ideal for both office work and artwork. The marker pens in our range are all very high quality and will give you long-lasting use. Their tips come in a variety of sizes, from ultra-fine (0.5 mm) to very wide (12 mm). Choose different marker pens for different purposes, for example, marking laundry or writing on dry-erase boards. Usually, when you search for a particular kind of marker pen in our range, you'll find it. Pen barrels are made from metal and plastic. Both kinds are durable and offer high performance. When it comes to colours, choose single-colour or multi-colour packs, including silver and metallic options. All the marker pens in our range are supplied by well-known and reliable brands, meaning you’ll get the desired result from your marker pen anytime you use it. Order your marker pens online today to take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.