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Our selection of laminating supplies are versatile, practical, and high-quality making them ideal for everyday use. Laminating documents and papers helps minimise the level of wear and tear they can encounter by coating them in a thick, protective pocket. Our selection is ideal for a vast range of needs and uses. You'll find machines that are perfect for business, educational, and home use, and they come in different designs and sizes. Benefit from the swift and smooth operation of our high-quality hot or cold laminating machines. Cold machines require minimal preparation time, making it easy to laminate items for last-minute purposes, such as visitor ID badges, marketing brochures, or handouts. Hot laminating machines are surprisingly economical to use and deliver professional results. Our machines and supplies come from top brands, including Fellowes, GBC, and Leitz. You'll find that the user-friendly laminating pouches in our range are easy to use. All you have to do is slip your document inside and align it before you run it through your cold or thermal machine. The machine will coat your document with a thick protective layer. The laminate guards against a wide range of issues including regular handling, tearing, bending and staining water damage. Choose machines with automatic pouch-thickness detectors, or simply flick the adjustment on manual machines to the thickness you require. Laminating helps you economise since you can use documents over and over again, for example, during training sessions. It's always a good idea to have hole punches on hand, allowing you to file laminated items away if you need to. Order your laminating supplies online today to take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.