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Combination Boards

Combine functionality with style with our great selection of combination boards. Combination boards are ideal for use in the office and the home due to the ability to pin and write notes with ease on the same platform.

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Combination Boards


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Bi-Office Dual Purpose Cork and Whiteboard

Bi-Office Cork and White Board with Solid Wood Trim 900 x 600mm - MX07001010

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Product code: 131-3775

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Bi-Office 600 x 400mm Wood Frame Cork/Drywipe Board

Bi-Office Cork/Drywipe Board with Wooden Frame 600 x 400mm - MX03001010

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Product code: 131-3656

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£5.42 ex. VAT

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Nobo Classic Combi Blue Felt/Steel Noticeboard 900 x 600mm

Nobo Elipse Combo Drywipe/Blue Felt Board 900 x 600mm - 1902257

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Product code: 251-4282

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Bi-Office 1200x900mm Drywipe and Felt Combination Board

Bi-Office 1200 x 900mm Drywipe and Felt Combination Board with Aluminium Frame - XA0522170

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Product code: 1620038

£98.99 inc. VAT

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Combination Boards

Combination boards allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds with one neat communication system. Most offices need both a whiteboard and a message board, and combination boards provide the ideal solution. Combining functionality with style, they have a dual function of being a whiteboard on the one hand while having a section of cork board for pinning messages on the other. Designs vary and some combination boards are half whiteboard, half cork board, while others dedicate more space to the whiteboard area. Dry-erase whiteboards are ideal for meeting rooms, classrooms, and making presentations. With a cork board added into the design, you get a powerful and effective combination system for leaving messages and displaying information. Making them a versatile, flexible solution for information, messages, and memos. Hang combination boards vertically or horizontally in your home, office, or meeting room, depending on your requirements. With contemporary frames, combination boards often have magnetic surfaces where you can clip messages on using magnets. On the other part of the board, you can use a drawing pin to pin messages to the cork board. Of course, you can also write on the whiteboard area, which means that combination boards offer versatile three-in-one surface areas, allowing you to choose how to keep track of important information. Write using magnetic marker pens that attach to the surface, and erase with a magnetic eraser for quick cleaning. Combination boards also include clips for attaching notes to the magnetic surface. Keep all your information in the same place and don't lose messages, information, and memos in your desktop storage when you invest in a combination board. Order your combination boards online today to take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.