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Staplers and Staples

Staple together important paperwork and presentational documents with great ease by using our wide selection of Staplers and Staplers including Staple Guns and Staple Removers too.

Staplers and Staples

Staplers and Staples Different kinds of staplers and their features. With staplers & staples in different shapes and sizes, choosing the right device and accessories for your needs is easy with our wide range. You'll find the following kinds of staplers in our collection: Full Strip Staplers: These use an entire strip of staples and can usually staple 20-50 sheets of paper. Half Strip Staplers: Half the size of full strip models and are ideal for light use with a stapling capacity between 15 to 30 sheets. Mini Staplers: These portable solutions can handle between 10 to 20 sheets. Vertical Staplers: Usually in a stand, these models allow you to grip the device and staple the paper while holding it up. Long Arm Staplers: These are ideal for stapling large documents. Heavy Duty Staplers: These are ideal for stapling large quantities of paper. Electric Staplers: These eliminating the need for manual force. Stapling Pliers: These are good for heavy-duty and continuous use for packages and padded envelopes. Staple Guns: Easily staple items like fabrics, posters, canvas, and display boards. Choosing the right staples for your stapler. When it comes to choosing staplers & staples, we have different staple sizes for the device you pick, including standard 26/6 staples for full and half strip staplers. If you own another kind of device, we have the right staples and all you need to do is check the size you need before you buy. All our staples & staplers are high-quality, durable, and robust and come from reputable brands. Order online with confidence and benefit from direct delivery.

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