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Extended range of postage stamps and pre-paid envelopes now available

Mailroom Supplies and Accessories

Make your mailroom operations run smoothly with the Mailroom Supplies and Accessories from Staples! We offer Hand Trucks, Packaging Protection, Packaging Paper and Parcel Tapes in great prices!

Mailroom Supplies and Accessories

Mailroom Supplies and Equipment Essential supplies, accessories, and equipment for handling all your mail. When you're running a mailroom, it's important to have the right mailroom supplies, accessories, and equipment in order to effectively sort, store, and post mail. This leads to greater efficiency and saves time. Our range includes small mailroom accessories, like letter openers, glues and adhesives, and mail carts to transport parcels and packages from place to place. You'll also find many types of machinery, including letter sorters and franking machines to ensure incoming and outgoing mail is well organised and reaches the intended recipient. In terms of furniture and fixings, wall organisers make excellent use of space and provide a dedicated place for individuals to receive their mail in a pigeonhole, while individual workstations provide mailroom workers with a place to sit and work. From the smallest items to larger pieces of equipment. Small yet important mailroom supplies include moisteners to help employees separate sheets of paper and moisten envelopes in a clean, hygienic manner. These come in different sizes and will fit onto desktops for easy use, making mail preparation fast and efficient. In addition, rubber fingertip grips help when sorting through mail, providing better control over envelopes and etc. Since every mailroom needs storage, lockable cabinets are useful for storing letters, supplies, and equipment, while commercial shelves keep essential supplies on hand for easy access. Franking machines are a vital part of mailroom equipment, allowing businesses to send letters and parcels with the correct postage paid without having to trek to the post office on a daily basis. Order all your mailroom supplies from our extensive range and benefit from direct delivery.

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