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Mailroom Supplies and Accessories

Essential Mailroom Supplies and Accessories for Secure Handling

Our collection of mailroom supplies and accessories features all of the essential supplies, accessories, and equipment for handling all your mail and running an efficient mailroom. When you're running a mailroom, it's important to have the right mailroom supplies, accessories, and equipment in order to effectively sort, store, and post mail. You’ll be able to find packaging paper, parcel tapes, hand trucks and packaging protection in our collection. Packaging paper is used for two main reasons during packing items, either as an extra layer wrapped around or getting scrunched up and packed inside the box as extra protection during transit. You’ll find packaging paper in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Parcel tapes are another essential that need to be in the mailroom. They allow you to secure packages with tape and ensure they’re ready for sending. You’ll find a tape from top quality brands in a number of different sizes and colours. Hand trucks help you to move multiple parcels or heavy items around the mailroom at once. Meaning you’ll be more productive and efficient as you can move multiple parcels to a sorting area or van at once. Packaging protection is an essential and ensures that there will be less damage done to your customers parcels during transit to them. You’ll find protection like polystyrene chips and sheets of bubble wrap. Order from our range of mailroom supplies and accessories online today and take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.