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Board and Display Equipment

Our selection of board and display equipment contains a range of products that are perfect for meetings in the office, trade shows exhibitions on the road or for use at school events. You’ll find lightweight jumbo display boards, panels and stands.

Board and Display Equipment

Our collection of board and display equipment contains a collection of products that are ideal for displaying key information. Displaying key information to employees and customers is something that every business needs a way to do. Whilst most companies will use emails to address upcoming company updates, display boards are now often overlooked. However, a display board in an area such as a breakroom or canteen catches the attention of people, and they will often go to investigate. Coupling this with an email system is a great way to get any messages out to employees and customers. They can also be a great addition around the home, as messages can get left on them for the next person to read. Our board and display equipment features a large selection of different types of boards such as whiteboards, combination boards, notice boards, display boards, pin boards, flipcharts and more. All of these boards are a great way to display important information in both the workplace and around the home. We also stock a large selection of sizes, ranging from as small as A4 to as large as 36 x 48 inches. There are also the option for multiple display boards to be connected together to form one large board, which is ideal for trade shows or conferences. You’ll find a variety of materials in our collection such as plastic, cork, foam and fabric. Order your board and display equipment online today to take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.