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Ink Stamps

Put a stamp on your messages and on important documents with our wide selection of Ink Stamps including Self-Inking Stamps, Stamp Pad Ink, Stamp Pads and Manual Inking Stamps.

Ink Stamps

Ink Stamps High-quality stamps for a wide range of purposes. Ink stamps are a great way to stamp a message on paper documents and packaging, like envelopes and letters. Using them is quick and easy, and the messages they convey are bold and clear. Messages on stamps include: Business names and addresses Return address details Date stamps Confidential and urgent stamps Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list. There are a multitude of different types of ink stamps to buy from our wide range that are suitable for multiple uses in the office environment Self-inking and manual ink stamp models. The types of ink stamps available include self-inking stamps and manual inking stamps. Self-inking models are very quick, easy, and clean to use. These stamps are designed to strike their internal ink pad when you depress to combine inking and stamping. Most of these devices can be refilled, and many have dust covers to protect the stamps from dust and dirt. The lifespan of self-inking and pre-inked stamps can last up to 50,000 impressions, and you can buy refill ink to replenish many models. Our range of classic manual inking stamps may not be quite as convenient as self-inking models, but they're versatile and flexible, allowing you to choose different-coloured ink pads. Pre-configured message stamps have various messages you can use, for example, "Approved" or "Paid". Date ink stamps allow you to set any date and year, providing you with long-term use. You can also order custom stamps with your own text and logo. Choose from our many models and order your ink stamps online.

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