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Glues and Adhesives

Make Strong Bonds with Glues and Adhesives

Choose products from our range of glues and adhesives for your home, school, and business. Whether you're sticking envelopescarrying out arts and crafts, or completing DIY projects. In our collection you'll find glue types for every purpose including glue sticksliquid glueputties and sticky craft dots. We also have super glue for jobs that require a really tight seal. Stronger glue solutions are good for non-porous surfaces, including glassmetal, and porcelain. For general use, multipurpose glue sticks are ideal. These are non-toxicacid-free, and will stick to numerous types of paper and card. We have solutions for arts and crafts, right through to industrial-strength glue. Our range includes special glues for schools. These are washable and you'll find many fun products, like glitter glueArt glue is ideal for craft projects and it's also safe for children to use. These glues come as spray adhesives and will stick to a range of surfaces. Glue dots are great for scrapbooking and won't damage photos and paper. Some glues are fabric-safe and ideal for sewing or knitting projects. To bond to non-porous materials, use a glue gun for a super-strong bond. These are ideal when packing and securing shipping pallets, for example. Our range of industrial-strength glues will work with the toughest of materials. Epoxy glues form a tight seal on rigid surfaces and provide water-resistance. For all your sticking needs, our range of glues and adhesives will fit the bill. Select the items you need and order them online for next day delivery straight to your home or workplace.