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From sophisticated to simple, our phones will meet your needs. Equip your home or office with telephones from our excellent range. Whether you need a high-tech phone with many functions or just a simple model, our telephone range will provide you with the ideal solution. Every model is equipped with the latest features to deliver excellent sound, and many models feature noise-cancelling technology to cancel out noise in the background, allowing you to focus on your conversation. Many phones have easy volume control to make each call easy to hear at your chosen volume level. In our collection you’ll find a number of phone types including corded telephones, cordless telephones, telephone headsets and answering machines. Corded telephones are ideal for use in reception areas or at your workstation as they will always be connected to the phone network and don’t have to worry about wireless signals. Meaning communication can always be instant. Cordless telephones allow more freedom when making and receiving, meaning you’re free to do other tasks at the same time, such as writing up notes. These telephone sets will also continue to work in a power cut due to having a limited battery life once connected from their base station. Telephone headsets are ideal for workers who are on the phone all day or want to go hands free whilst on calls. Making them ideal for call centres or for when you may need to take notes during phone calls. Our collection of answering machines ensure that you’ll never miss an important message again when you’re away from your phone. You can choose from many well-known brands and benefit from clear audio. Order your telephones online today to take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.