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Maths Compasses

Make sure your measurements are on point with our range of high quality Maths Compasses and Metal Compasses.

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Maths Compasses


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Helix Black/Silver Metal Compass And Pencil (Pack of 10) G05070

Helix Metal Compass and Pencil. Self-centering bow top compass with metal safety point and cam-lock for secure pencil retaining. Pack of 10.

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Product code: 245-7582

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Helix Metal Compass (Pack of 10) G07040

Helix Metal Compass and Pencil. Self-centering compass with cam-lock for secure pencil retaining. Shortened safety point avoids injuries.

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Product code: 1230170

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Helix Safety Compass Assorted (Pack of 25) G03040

This Helix safety compass is self centring and comes with a unique safety point. The modern design features a large easy grip and a bow top. It comes in a pack of 25 in three assorted colours.

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Product code: 1230168

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Maths Compasses

Mathematical Compasses A variety of models for drawing accuracy. Maths compasses help with technical drawings to create arcs, circles, and angles. They're extremely useful in schools and higher education institutions. The wide range of maths compasses you can choose from includes: Drawing compasses: These have two arms that connect at the top with a pivoting hinge. A sharp-pointed arm stabilises the device and the other arm holds a pencil for drawing. Beam compasses: The beam compass has a straight-edged ruler supporting its two arms, providing a wide drawing diameter. Also, the ruler is useful for creating straight lines. Proportional Compasses: These are scissor-style and have two adjustable arms held by a hinge in the middle. Bow compasses: This design has a hinge screw and adjustable wheel for positioning the arms, offering stability and accuracy. Drop compasses: These have a pivoting pencil arm and a fixed needlepoint arm for accuracy. Durable solutions for every budget. You'll find mathematical compasses in our range to suit different budgets. Choose from several different materials to suit your needs. Metal compasses offer excellent durability and stability. Wooden models are durable and cost-effective, while plastic versions are safe and inexpensive. In general, compasses span between 10 cm to 20 cm. Longer models take a little more controlling but provide a wide drawing range. Drawing diameters vary from 15 cm to 36 cm, depending on the range of the compass you choose. All compasses in our selection are lightweight and compact enough to fit inside pencil cases. They're also easy to control when drawing on paper. Explore our range of products and buy maths compasses to suit you.

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