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Packaging and Mailing

Our packaging and mailing collection features everything you need for your post-room. Including essentials like stamps, tapes, envelopes and boxes. You’ll be able to send the letters and parcels that you need to.

Packaging and Mailing

All businesses need to send important documents or delicate products in the post at some point, our collection of packaging and mailing supplies make this possible. Our collection contains all of the essentials that you need to run a mailroom or send packages form your home. You’ll find postage mailing and mailroom supplies, stamps, tapes and dispensers, boxes and envelopes. Our mailing and mailroom supplies contains everything you need to run a successful and efficient mailroom in both the workplace and even inside your own home. You’ll find essentials such as packaging protection, packaging paper and parcel tape to ensure that your parcels are ready and protected during transport. You can also find more specialist products such as postal tubes, wrapping and strapping supplies and pallet wrap. You can find stamps of all kinds such as Royal Mail 1st class stamps and Royal Mail 2nd class stamps. You’ll also able to find fixed price stamps, pre-paid envelopes and special delivery envelopes. Giving you a host of options to choose from when sending out your letters and parcels. You'll be able to find a selection of tapes and dispensers such as packaging tape, clear tape, Sellotape and duct tape. All of which will allow you to seal parcels, construct boxes and even conduct DIY around the home. Making them an ideal item to have both in the workplace and at home. We offer a wide variety of boxes, ideal for a range of tasks such as storage, moving home and sending as parcels. You can find cardboard boxes, mailing boxes, single wall cardboard boxes, double wall cardboard boxes, moving boxes and gift boxes. This wide range of options means you’ll be able to find the box that you’re looking for. Envelopes are an essential for inside the home and in a workplace. You’ll be able to find a wide selection of envelopes on our site including coloured envelopes, manilla envelopes, white envelopes, window envelopes and bubble envelopes. You'll feel the peace of mind of knowing that what you send with your business name attached will arrive quickly and in the best condition possible

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