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Packaging and Mailing

Save more with mail and post-room supplies, warehouse and packaging products and supplies at Staples. This postal supplies range includes packaging tape and dispensers, shrink wrap and postal scales along with a varied range of envelopes.

Packaging and Mailing

Packaging Supplies and Mailings All businesses need to send important documents or delicate products in the post at some point. Buy packaging supplies for your office and you'll ensure you're ready to get items posted out promptly to your customers, no matter the reason. Whether you need sturdy full board envelopes to protect important documentation, corner protectors to avoid damage to furniture or packaging paper to wrap parcels, ensure your packaging supplies cupboard is fully stocked. Bubble wrap bags come in a variety of sizes and are excellent for providing an extra layer of protection for your posted items, as are polystyrene chips. Benefits of packaging supplies Having an organised packaging cupboard, including a stash of stamps, means you can get post out swiftly to keep clients happy. Sending important documents in full board envelopes ensures they will arrive at their destination in the condition you sent them in. Anything delicate you may need to send will be fully protected from damage with the help of products such as polystyrene chips, corner protectors and bubble envelopes. Ensuring robust protective packaging is in place from the beginning means you'll save costs on returned post and damaged goods. Packaging supplies ensure the safety of your posted items Reputation is clearly of great importance to any business, but especially small and medium sized companies. It's the personal touches that make your business stand out from the crowd, and this comes down to how you present your correspondence or products when sending items to your customers. Create a great impression and invest in items such as packaging tape to ensure your parcels and letters are firmly safe and secure. It’s also a good idea to buy a supply of postage stamps. You'll feel the peace of mind of knowing that what you send with your business name attached will arrive quickly and in the best condition possible

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