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Office Equipment

Every modern office needs a selection of equipment to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible, you can find all of these essentials in our selection of office equipment. You’ll find a wide selection of scanners, shredders and shredding equipment, binding machines and laminating equipment. Scanners are an essential piece of technology around the office, especially if you’re looking to digitise a selection of old files. Scanners allow you to convert physical paperwork and important documents to a digital version. The main benefits of this is you’ll always have a digital copy of these documents, and you can then dispose of these documents to save office space.

When disposing of these documents our selection of shredders and shredding equipment are essential. Shredders allow you to dispose of confidential documents in a manner where no data can be recovered. You’ll find shredders capable of shredding staples, CD’s and DVD’s, paper clips and credit cards. Binding machines allow you to present documents as a book, giving them a professional finish that’s ideal for use in legal documents or as handouts at large conferences and training days. Our selection of laminating equipment features both laminating pouches and laminating machines, giving you everything you need in one place. Laminating equipment allows you to add a protective layer to important documents that means they’re protected from scuffs and damage that can occur from spillages. Shop Staples to get next day delivery on a huge range of products. A one stop shop for all of your office equipment needs.