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Rexel Shredder Buying Guide

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Why should you buy a paper shredder?

Whether you want to dispose of personal documents at home or client information, data protection is one of the primary motivations for buying a shredder. Many people assume that GDPR only relates to electronic data, but this isn’t the case. GDPR rules also apply to paper-based data.

Whether you are a business or consumer, Rexel has a wide range of shredders that conform to GDPR and help protect you and or your business.

What can you shred?

Whilst many assume that shredders only shred paper, many models can take on stapled, paperclipped documents and CDs, cards, and floppy disks.


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Paperclipped documents

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Stapled documents

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CDs and Cards

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What security level do you need?

Shredder security for GDPR is based on P-ratings. The different security types are explained below so you can select the right security level for your needs.

P-2 Security rating

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P2 shreds an A3 document into 40 pieces. Basic day to day non-sensitive data.

P-3 Security rating

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P-3 shreds an A4 document into 200 pieces. General day to day documents containing sensitive data such as addresses.

P-4 Security rating

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P-4 shreds an A4 document into 400 pieces. Ideal for bank statements and business confidential documents.

P-5 Security rating

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P-5 shreds an A4 document into 2000 pieces. Appropriate for confidential, personal, financial documents and strategic papers.

P-6 Security rating

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P-6 shreds an A4 document into 6000 pieces. Necessary for legal, military, and financial documents containing proprietary data.

P-7 Security rating

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P-7 shreds an A4 document into 12500 pieces. The top standard for government and military reports.