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Air Fresheners

Unleash the Power of Aroma to Keep Your Office Sweet

Let's face it, office and other workplaces can pong a little, especially in the summer when people are busy getting on with their duties. Body odour from co-workers as well as unwanted aromas from people's lunches and the kitchen can all add to an overall level of smell. Fortunately, you can find office supplies that will help to remedy the situation, such as hand soaps and lotions as well as air fresheners. If you are looking for a way to make your place of work smell better, then check out our range of air fresheners which come in all sorts of fragrances that are suited to any workplace. Some are refills for automated air-refreshing systems and others are hand operated aerosols. Essentially, products of this type kill off odour-causing bacteria and don't just cover up one smell with another, so it helps staff members to remain healthy and productive – not just feel better about what they can smell.

Combining Air Purifiers and Fresheners

A good tip for workplaces that suffer from low air quality, perhaps because the windows cannot be opened in summer, is to opt for an air purifier with the addition of fresheners. Used together, the microscopic particles that generate odours are steadily removed. Fragrant things like pollen from flowers are not merely suppressed but the airborne allergens that are associated with them are minimised. You can use these products together to keep your team healthier and happier in the knowledge that their place of work is not unpleasantly smelly. Bear in mind that an air freshener can be used throughout the day and are not just for the cleaner to spray in the toilet block a few times a week.

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