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Cash Registers & Tills

Modern Cash Tills provide a record of financial transactions approved by the HMRC.

For businesses reliant on cash or card sales, cash registers are an essential part of their operations. Not only do they provide a record of day to day transactions, but they're also a major asset when it comes annual tax returns for businesses. Our range offers professional cash tills that are accepted by tax authorities.

Essential for small bricks and mortar enterprises.

If your business is a small convenience shop or niche store, we have inexpensive cash tills available that are perfectly adequate for the job. These cash registers can provide end of shift printouts (X readings) and end of day printouts (Z readings). The majority of them also have a numeric or letter keypad, which are helpful when you need to allocate a unique number for VAT and non-VAT items. They also have the ability to manage products you wish to track or monitor, allowing each item to be entered in separately. When X or Z readings are taken, each allocated number will itemize separately and provide a grand total at the bottom of the printed readout.

Ideal tools for your expanding business.

As your business expands and grows, the time may come when you feel you need to move from basic cash registers to POS systems with integrated card readers. With a full electronic point of sale system, you can link to card readers, desktop computers, tablets, and even mobile ordering devices, which are ideal for places like restaurants. There are many applications, including stock monitoring, automatic ordering, and equipment maintenance software that can be integrated with POS systems. A properly set up system will help reduce waste and stock loss, and help you monitor and streamline your business operations to provide you with increased margins and a higher return on investment.


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