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Ergonomic design is about creating a working environment that fits your need for comfort and the correct posture. Design should ideally complement rather than force you to adapt. Good ergonomic practice reduces the risk of long-term problems like back pain and muscular skeletal disorder. A simple definition of ergonomics is “making the work fit the person”, not “making the person fit the work”. The Fellowes 4-zone approach to ergonomics helps you identify and choose the ideal product by dividing your workstation into four key zones to optimize for comfort and health. Explore each zone and see how Fellowes can improve your work experience.

Fellowes Refresh Footrest Black

Fellowes Office Suites Mesh Back Support Black

Fellowes Office Suites Microban Adjustable Footrest

Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support

Fellowes Hana Black Adjustable Foot Support

Fellowes Professional Series Ultimate Back Support Black

Fellowes Breyta Footrest White

Fellowes Sapphire Blue Memory Foam Wrist Support Mouse Pad

Fellowes Black Memory Foam Wrist Rest

Fellowes Photo Gel Mouse Mat with Wristrest Chevron Design

Fellowes Crystal Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

Fellowes Premium Gel Mouse Pad/Wrist Support

Fellowes Black PlushTouch Wrist Rest

Fellowes Reflex Single Monitor Arm

Fellowes Free Standing Dual Horizontal Monitor Arm

Fellowes Full Motion Single Wall Mount TV Arm Black

Fellowes Platinum Series Dual Stacking Monitor Arm

Fellowes Platinum Series Single Monitor Arm

Fellowes Platinum Series Dual Monitor Arm Silver

Fellowes Breyta Laptop Riser White

Fellowes Smart Suites Laptop Riser with 4 Port USB 2.0

Fellowes ActiveFusion Black Sit-Stand Mat

Fellowes Corsivo Black Sit Stand Workstation

Fellowes Lotus Black LT Sit Stand Workstation

Fellowes White Lotus Sit Stand Workstation

Fellowes Lotus Black Single Station Sit Stand Work Station

Fellowes Lotus White Single Sit Stand Work Station

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Fellowes Breyta Monitor Stand

Fellowes Breyta Laptop Carry Case

Fellowes Breyta Laptop Riser

Fellowes Breyta Footrest