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If you often eat at your workstation, it is definitely important for you to get it back in order. This can be made easier thanks to cleaning sprays and paper towels which quickly absorb dirt and water. Office hand towels are characterized by increased absorbency and have more sheets and layers. This does not mean that cheap hand towels are worse. The economical and humbler version of this product will work well at home and in a small office.

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Paper towels: indispensable at your home and work


Paper towels are eagerly used in kitchens and bathrooms. It is not surprising – they can be used to quickly dry your hands. They also come in handy during cleaning. In the kitchen, you can use them to immediately clean spilled juice. They will also absorb excessive oil from your dishes. Well-known white hand towels are visible everywhere, not only at home but also in public toilets, hotels, bars or outpatient clinics. They make it possible to maintain high hygiene standards at every location and are convenient to use.

White hand towels: a short success story

Disposable paper towels were born in the United States in a factory which manufactured toilet paper. One day, a machine made the paper too thick. It could not be used in the toilet, but turned out to be perfect for cleaning. This all happened at the beginning of the 20th century. It is hard to believe, but standard white and blue hand towels have accompanied us in our kitchens and bathrooms for over 100 years, replacing reusable sponges and cloths.


Paper towels: what are the benefits of buying them?


Why is it worth switching from reusable cloths to paper towels? This solution is mostly used because they are hygienic, durable and absorbent. An ordinary dishcloth needs to be washed after several uses. Germs quickly breed on the fabric, and the cloth starts to smell unpleasant. When you choose disposable towels made of recycled materials, you not only respect the less waste principle, but can also quickly and effectively deal with dirt.

Types of paper towels

Towels come in different colours. Grey and blue paper towels are often folded and come in individual sheets. White paper towels, on the other hand, come in a roll. The sheets are connected to each other and perforated, which makes it easier to tear off just the right amount. Paper towels can have two or more layers. The more layers one sheet has, the more efficient and absorbent it is. Towels also come in different sizes (lengths). It is an invaluable help for every homemaker. Regardless of whether your task is to keep the office clean or wipe up some mess in the kitchen, you will do it effortlessly with a paper towel to hand.


Regardless of whether you urgently need paper towels or just want to stock up on them, Staples has something that will serve your needs. Add an appropriate dispenser for towels used in the bathroom. Make sure that your kitchen is equipped with this much-needed product.

Clean without any detriment to nature

You can choose from a wide selection of colours, patterns and types of towels. We especially recommend towels made of recycled paper. When you opt for a recycled roll, you take care not only of cleanliness in your immediate surroundings but also of the environment.

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