Understanding the science of what makes space work

Research has proven that the right space has a substantial impact on how we feel in our daily lives; it improves our job satisfaction and increases our productivity. It’s not just about the physical space we inhabit, but the virtual space and the one between our ears. We’re committed to understanding the science of what makes space work, so everyone can feel fulfilled, productive and happy in a space that’s right for them.

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Shining a light on the office workspace

There is an important connection between workspaces, and people. Get the workspace right, and this can bring business benefits. Get it wrong, and as our report Vocation Frustration has shown, things can easily go downhill. Having the right lighting is crucial to making the workspace work. But sadly, our latest research has unearthed a harsh reality – that too many of us are stuck working with poor lighting.

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What does your space do for you?

When you get the most out of your space, you won’t believe what a difference it makes. Space connects us, and helps us relate to one another. It can inspire us to create, and make us feel alive. It renews us, and gives us energy to face the day. The right space even takes care of us, giving us the security and confidence we need to do what we do.
Learn more about how each of the four spaces can work for you – so you can work better.

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Make space for play

Play and interaction at work are highly beneficial to a business’ bottom line. Playing boosts productivity, drives innovation and increases speed to market. It also fosters staff engagement and creative thinking. How you set up each corner of your workspace can have an immense effect on your employees’ collaborative creativity. Explore how you can optimise your space for collaboration and increased productivity.

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