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Payment Information  

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You can shop with us using any of the following payment methods:

Credit and debit cards
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and corporate cards. For your security, all credit card payments go through 3D-secure verification.

We'll take payment from your card once we've sent your items. And if your order is split into more than one delivery, we'll also split the payments.

If you speak with our customer services team about returning an item, we'll ask your credit card company within 1 working day to credit your card. However, we have no control over how long it'll take them to do this.

PayPal - (Currently unavailable pending new release)

An option to be invoiced for your orders is available for pre-approved business account holders. As with all orders, we'll only invoice you once your items have been sent.

Business users can apply for a business account when registering or by amending their payment method in 'Account details'.

Countries & Export
We can accept orders from residents of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales only, for shipment into the UK. At this time we don't offer any overseas or export service.

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