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Rolodex Business Card Files

Our great range of Rolodex Business Card Files make an ideal addition to your desktop and include Rotary Card Files, Business Card Sleeves and Mini Rotary Card Files.

Rolodex Business Card Files

Rolodex Holders and Rotary Card Files
Keep essential information within easy reach with a Rotary Card File system.
If you've ever had the hassle of urgently scrambling around looking for a loose piece of paper with a client contact or crucial phone number scrawled across it, you know how much Rolodex business card holders can enhance your office existence. An ideal addition to your desktop, rotary card file units and Rolodex holders provide you with a fuss-free way to store business cards that have been dealt your way. It's not all about storage either. With user-friendly designs and alphabetised organisation, it's easy to find the name of the individual or business you're looking for at a glance.