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Liquid Glue

Use our selection of liquid glue and liquid super glue when you require a useful general-purpose adhesive in any workplace, classroom or home environment.

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Liquid Glue


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Brian Clegg 5 Litre Clear PVA Adhesive Glue

Brian Clegg Clear PVA Adhesive Glue in a 5 Litre Bottle – GL5000C

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Product code: 1156122

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Loctite Super Glue Control 3g

3g Tube of Loctite Control Liquid- LO42803

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Product code: 635-2379

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£3.98 inc. VAT

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Bostik Super Glue (Pack of 12)

12 x 3g Tubes of Bostik Super Glue - 30813340

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Product code: 641-3698

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£24.85 inc. VAT

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Liquid Glue

Liquid glue is a useful general purpose adhesive for a home, office or classroom environment. When you have a sticking job to do, for DIY purposes, household repairs, or for art and craft projects, liquid glue will stick reliably to numerous surfaces. Nearly all of the liquid glue products in our wide range are made from non-toxic materials, which means they're safe to use around the home where children and pets are present. Fast drying and easy to apply, this versatile glue comes in different containers, and it's also available in pen-style dispensers and bottles with precision applicators for easy use. Resealable caps ensure the contents of the bottle, tube, or pen, remain securely sealed when not in use, which prevents the glue from drying out. Many bottles and tubes are also clog-resistant, ensuring you'll benefit from long-term use of your product. In our wide range of liquid glue, you'll find single bottles with small quantities as well as large containers if you wish to buy in bulk. Some of the surfaces and materials that liquid glue is effective on includes paper, wood, fabric, leather, ceramics, some metals and some plastics. Choose extra strong varieties to increase the hold, and benefit from tubes and bottles that dispense the product in droplets for minimal mess. Find the liquid glue to suit your needs from the items in our selection, and order online here so you can start sticking right away.