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Index Cards

Be efficient with your indexing tasks with our wide range of index cards and index dividers. Index cards are ideal for storing key bits of information on to store in your card index.

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Index Cards


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White A4 Index Card 170gsm, Pack of 200 - BL0750600

200 x White A4 170gsm Index Cards - BL0750600

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Product code: 0750600

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Index Cards

Index cards can help to make your work life more organised. There's more than one reason why index cards are so popular. They've been a stalwart of studies for centuries and are a common sight in modern offices. They help by providing a simple way to record small pieces of information for quick and easy retrieval. You can use these cards to make note of contacts that you'll need to access later, and they can also be used as revision cards for those who need help studying. Our range of index cards is incredibly diverse, offering everything from stripped-back, simple cards to coloured index cards for enhancing organisation. Even if you've never used index cards before, introducing them into your daily routine is incredibly easy. All you need to start with is a stack of cards and something to write down data. Need to jot down an important name and number? Reach for your stack of cards and a pen. Looking for a convenient way to break reams of study notes? You'll appreciate the benefit of these beauties when you use them as revision cards. Coloured index cards provide you with an even easier approach, as you can break things down into categories or subjects based on the shade of card used. Our range of index card guides can also offer a handy way to enhance levels of organisation. Order your index cards online today to take advantage of Staples next day delivery to get your order delivered direct to your door or business address.

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