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Kensington Control

Why Kensington Trackballs? Simple

With more than 35 years of experience, and as a global leader in desktop productivity solutions, Kensington is the Professionals’ Choice for trackball solutions. Trackballs are great for people who are trying to keep their elbow or shoulder in a stationery position or tend to reach too far to get to their mouse. For those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, or other stress injuries associated with mousing, a trackball could help. The customizable keys make repetitive tasks such as copying and pasting a breeze.


Trackball or Mouse?

No one can answer that question except you. At the end of the day, what matters most is comfort. If you’re uncomfortable using a mouse, a trackball might be perfect for you. Here are some other great reasons why people love trackballs:



Trackballs are good for places with limited space as the ball will always rotate within the small socket



Trackballs require less elbow and wrist movement which helps alleviate pain



More travel distance per unit of trackball moves. With a trackball your cursor can move farther.



Direct control allows for greater precision, which is less likely to be moved by accident

KensingtonWorks™ Trackball Customisation Software
Performance at your fingertips.

KensingtonWorks™ allows you to customize controls and your buttons to perform common tasks:

  • Adjust cursor speed
  • Change scrolling direction
  • Enter pre-selected text, navigation functions
  • Volume up/down; page forward/back
  • Cut/Paste with single clicks
  • Minimize/maximise windows
  • Launch files/folders
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Why Kensington for Keyboards and Mice?

Ensuring that the mice and keyboards you provide to your workforce stand up to the corporate tests of performance, reliability and business efficiency will help form a valuable business partnership between user and laptop at every workstation in your business. With office workers spending 75% of the day at their desks it’s a partnership they’ll value too.

Kensington keyboards are designed with features, comfort, durability, and productivity in mind. Options even include spill-proof designs, and a limited lifetime warranty.


Designed for Productivity & Comfort

Full 3 zone business keyboard with rewarding tactile full travel responsive keys


Silent Clicking for Productive Workspaces

A simple but important feature designed for open plan workspaces


Efficiency Comfortably Delivered

Contoured ambidextrous mouse with clickable scroll wheel for improved efficiency


Sleek Business Styling

Value doesn’t mean compromise

Spill Proof

Spill-proof Mice & Keyboards

Mandatory for coffee fueled desks


Kensington Quality & Reliability

5 Year Limited Warranty with hassle free support

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