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Today's office... can be anywhere!

As more companies switch to work from home and flexible work environments, remote employees may be feeling the physical effects of their inadequate work set-ups. Aches and pains today could turn into long-lasting health problems and reduced efficiency tomorrow.

Fitness doesn't stop at the gym

Interest in mental health, fitness and physical health has never been higher. So, it's only natural that this attention to health and wellness should carry over into workplace wellness. Employers aim to attract and retain young professionals, creating a better office culture with modern offices and amenities. This includes ergonomic furniture and wellness accessories that promote health and wellness in the workplace. Active, healthy employees are more productive, more reliable and more satisfied in their careers - and human resources and safety professionals are taking notice.



Kensington's patented SmartFit® system lets each individual easily customize their work environments to get an accurate adjustment and maximum comfort from their desktop accessories without the need for fancy tools for set up or a lengthy assessment.

Hot-desking and flexible workspace as no longer a challenge for organizations that aim to provide ergonomic solutions to their employees.

Personal fit in three easy steps







Upper Body Fit

Staying focused on work is easier when your work is right in front of you. Staying productive is easier when your posture is correct and comfortable. Kensington helps keep eyes in line with monitors, wrists in line with the bodies, and people in line with wellness.

Monitor Arms

monitor arms

Monitor arms are the way of the workplace of the future. As the desk space gets smaller or workplaces are sharing desks, having a monitor arm that is easier to adjust for a personalised fit is highly beneficial for maximizing space and comfort.

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Laptop Risers

laptop risers

Laptops keep you connected and productive when you’re on the move but can be a crutch if you are hunched over it all day without ideal viewing. Kensington SmartFit® laptop risers improve airflow around the device and keep it at the correct height for you.

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Monitor Stands

monitor stands

Work healthy and efficiently by creating more organised workspaces with easily adjustable monitor stands.

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Ergonomic Mice & Keyboard

mice and keyboards

The average worker spends over 7 hours a day on their computer typing and clicking. Take care of your wrists by having a Kensington ergonomic mouse or keyboard to make you comfortable and productive.

Support Your Wrists

wrist rest

Let your wrists feel the support of Kensington ErgoSoft or the pillow like wrist rests for all day wrist comfort and ergonomic support they deserve.

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Lower Body Fit

When your lower body is supported properly, it can provide crucial support to your lower back, hips, legs and ankles – critical to overall health, and imperative for optimal performance in the office (and out).

Back Rests

back rests

Kensington back rests give you the support you need. They encourage correct posture, provide spine support, and they're easy to adjust on any office chair.

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Foot Rests

foot rests

Footrests are a small way to introduce comfort to your deskspace with big results. Footrests are not only for your feet to rest on, but they also help you sit back in your chair and take tension out of your lower back and upper legs.

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Seat Cushions

seat cushion

Using technology originally developed by NASA to counter the effects of G-force on astronauts, Kensington seat.

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